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Our Team

Our Dedicated Professionals

David Harrison

Product Manager

Kiara Montesino

Graphic Designer

Michel Donald


Dina Simpson


Jane Milford

Lead Art Designer

Ray Laxton

3D Designer

Christina Jonson

Content Writer

Victor Conlon

Web Designer

Heart & Soul

“Nockout Media doesn't just bring exceptional skill and professionalism into their stunning work, they grasp the essence and heart of the institution , adding depth and dimension which is simply unsurpassed!”

Rabbi Shaul Aryeh Zellinger Principal, Yeshivas Even Yisroel

Consistent Results!

“Rasha produces videos for us that speak to the hearts of our donors and constituents. The consistent result is a renewed sense of pride and a fresh conviction to excel in and support our critical work. If you’re looking for a partner who will know how to identify and tell your story and who’s also a pleasure to work with, you should try Nockout Media.”

Tzvi Belsky Fundraiser, Beer Hagolah

Working with Nockout Media is a no-brainer!

“I've worked with Nockout Media numerous times and have only the nicest things to say. The service and speed with which they execute projects are incredible. Most importantly, I find that as a fundraising tool, they generate donations worth 50 to 100 times their cost, making recurring projects a no brainer.”

Rabbi Avraham Yeshaya Appel Rosh Mosdos, Kollel Kinyan Torah; Rosh Kollel, Cheshek Shlomo

Experts in Field

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