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Visuals with IMPACT

YOU are changing the world. It’s time to tell the world what you’re doing for it. Why do I work with nonprofits? It’s a good question. It’s not the most lucrative slice of the video marketing pie. I do it because I care. I really, really care. I can make a difference with my talent. I put my heart `{`emoji`}` and soul into these videos, so they can have a real, lasting IMPACT.

corporate & branding video

Visuals with RESULTS

Your business is the result of dreams, of ideas, of endless hours of hard, hard work. You finally launched it, along with your hopes and life’s savings, and…. `{`crickets`}` There is a way to BLOW IT UP, to create success beyond what you’ve imagined was possible. How? VIDEO GETS YOUR MESSAGE OUT IN A WAY THAT PLANTS YOUR COMPANY AND BRAND DIRECTLY INTO THE MINDS OF YOUR TARGET MARKET .


Visuals with MEANING

A custom family video is the PERFECT way to mark a special occasion or milestone for someone in your family. I’ve created custom videos for countless anniversaries, Bar Mitzvahs, and milestone birthdays. I come up with the concept, write the script, and direct the shoot, but each and every video is unique to the family that created it, and the results are just spectacular. Nothing says “we love you” like a super-professional, gorgeous custom video to celebrate a special occasion.

Heart & Soul

“Nockout Media doesn't just bring exceptional skill and professionalism into their stunning work, they grasp the essence and heart of the institution , adding depth and dimension which is simply unsurpassed!”

Rabbi Shaul Aryeh Zellinger Principal, Yeshivas Even Yisroel

Consistent Results!

“Rasha produces videos for us that speak to the hearts of our donors and constituents. The consistent result is a renewed sense of pride and a fresh conviction to excel in and support our critical work. If you’re looking for a partner who will know how to identify and tell your story and who’s also a pleasure to work with, you should try Nockout Media.”

Tzvi Belsky Fundraiser, Beer Hagolah

Working with Nockout Media is a no-brainer!

“I've worked with Nockout Media numerous times and have only the nicest things to say. The service and speed with which they execute projects are incredible. Most importantly, I find that as a fundraising tool, they generate donations worth 50 to 100 times their cost, making recurring projects a no brainer.”

Rabbi Avraham Yeshaya Appel Rosh Mosdos, Kollel Kinyan Torah; Rosh Kollel, Cheshek Shlomo

Super Job!

“Rasha, you guys knocked it out of the park. Every video, every song detail, every effect was PRECISION. Incredible job. Everybody who saw it is just raving and going crazy. You guys really did an amazing job. Thank you.”

Mr. Cohen Family Member of Customer

Blows up your business.

“There is video editing, and then there is Nockout Media. if you are looking to blow up your business or create a video to capture the essence of your brand, Nockout Media is what you are looking for!! Nockout Media has helped grow our camp to TEN TIMES ITS ORIGINAL SIZE! Year after year, Rasha comes up with great ideas, captures the greatest moments, and meshes it all together for an amazing product!!You will not find this talent and unique skill set anywhere else!!!”

Joey Dayon Owner, Camp Bnot Jersey Girls

Nockout Media

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